V P Menon - Forgotten Architect of Modern India


A historical article by Dr. R P Fernando*


V P Menon was the Constitutional Adviser to the last three Viceroys during British rule in India. He was the only Indian in Mountbattenís inner team. Menonís plan for the partition of India into two Dominions was the one which was eventually adopted. It was Menon who realised the need to get the Princely States to accede to India before the date of independence and that Mountbatten was the ideal person to facilitate this. When the communal violence began following independence, Menon asked Mountbatten to take charge. Menon and Sardar Patel later achieved the full integration of the Indian States. Menon has never received the recognition he deserved for his contributions and this paper is intended to highlight Menonís role during this crucial period in Indian history and to draw attention to his views on events and personalities.

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Sir Robert Chalmers - outstanding scholar of Pali in Sri Lanka

A historical article by Dr. R P Fernando*

Sir Robert Chalmers was the Governor of Ceylon from 1913-1915. Today, he is remembered as being the Governor during the Sinhalese-Muslim riots in 1915 when the colonial authorities over-reacted and imposed martial law for three months, causing considerable trauma to sections of the Sinhalese population. Chalmers is frequently accused as having been anti-Buddhist. He was, in reality, one of the foremost Pali scholars of the time and this article describes his contributions to the study of Buddhist literature.

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